Tackling Mom Burnout: Effective Strategies

Mom burnout is more than just feeling tired—it’s a state of emotional and physical exhaustion that many mothers experience.  Here are some practical and in-depth strategies to combat mom burnout: 1. Understanding Burnout Burnout can manifest as constant fatigue, irritability and a feeling of detachment, among others. It’s important to acknowledge these feelings. Ignoring them […]

What the PROS are Hiding: Injury-Free Pickleball

Pickleball Injuries

With the rise in popularity of Pickleball, it has become critical to understand how to prevent injuries in this sport. This racquet sport combines aspects of tennis, badminton and table tennis, requiring agility, endurance and sharpness. That is why here, at Papayya, we focus not only on improving your game but also ensuring that your […]

6 Easy Fitness Tips for Remote Workers: Stay Active at Home

Remote Worker

The shift to remote work has changed our daily routines, including how we approach fitness and wellness. Although working from home can be flexible and comfortable, there are drawbacks, especially when it comes to leading an active lifestyle. For remote workers, integrating fitness into their new work-life balance is not only beneficial, but also necessary […]

Navigating Postnatal Fitness: Myths and Tips for New Mothers

Postnatal Fitness

A woman’s body is one of the many changes that come with becoming a mother. There are a lot of myths and misconceptions around postnatal fitness, which can leave new mothers unsure of how to resume exercising safely after giving birth. Understanding the reality about postnatal fitness and using practical strategies can empower women during […]